Trucking Answers | Trucking News | Automotive | A Reason we are not on Mars | #13

Another thrilling episode of Trucking Answers is on the way.  This is the 13th episode and it is on the 13th.  Wow, you know what that means?  Nothing.  I go over why you should say no to things to increase the joy in your life.  If it doesn’t inspire you, move you and make you feel alive don’t do it.  I talk about some trucking news including AB5 and 18-20 year olds driving interstate.  Tip:  Don’t worry about it, hardy any will do it.  Automotive news includes the new Bronco being recalled and the New Dodge Hornet for 2023. Plug in hybrid?  Looks like a Nitro.  I explain why you should never pay cash at a dealership even if you have all the cash to buy the car. Then, Gracie and I wrap up with a reason we are not on Mars.  Ready to get rolling?

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