Trucking Answers | You get what you accept | A Reason we are not on Mars | #69

In this thrilling episode I discuss a recent article by Grace Dean from Business Insider and a Werner driver bemoaning the fact that he sees his 3 year old child only 3 days a month.  That is a choice my friends.  I looked and there are plenty of local jobs in the Omaha area, maybe even Werner could work you in the office or locally.  The reason someone would be gone and only see their child 3 days a month is because that is their choice.  The DOT put out a paper and one of the recommendations is to end the exemption from the Fair Labor Standards Act that prevents drivers from getting minimum wage and overtime since 1938.  I agree.  Can you imagine how hard the ATA will fight this?  Also, WV will ban any over the air updates to cars unless done at a dealer.  Wow.  What a money grab by the dealers.  A reason we are not on Mars ends the show.