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Trucking Answers | Trucking News | Automotive | A Reason we are not on Mars | #98

In another mind-bending episode I discuss the Uvalde shooting and other issues.  In Chicago an 11 year old carjacks a lady with a gun?  What?  A 73 year old is beaten to death with a road cone by kids as young as 10?  What is happening? We discuss Mrs. Jill Biden and breakfast taco land that she lives in.  The George Washington bridge is now cashless.  About time.  Long lines still happen.  Car dealers are buying new cars and immediately selling them for a profit to avoid getting in trouble from the manufacturer.  Brilliant. Some Canadians EH are mad that they can’t park in a private lot anymore after trashing it like truckers do.  They trashed it like a rock star with empty poutine wrappers.  A Reason we are not on Mars.