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Trucking Answers | Trucking News | Automotive | A Reason we are not on Mars | #34

In an Arbor Day Miracle I talk about the ATA management conference and the fact they were able to afford Bon Jovi.  Remember that when you are waiting 2 days before you get layover.  Is pay the real issue in trucking?  I take a look at that.  The vax mandate may be postponed until after the holidays.  Why should it be if it is so important?  Shouldn’t we do it right away?  Let’s look at that.  System Transport is hauling the nation’s Christmas tree this year.  Sargento Cheese has a driver with 4.25 million safe miles.  Impressive.  The Chevy Silverado may get the 2.7 four cylinder engine as standard and drop the 5.3 from the lineup.  Dodge Ram is recalled if you have the Cummins in it.  Also, a reason we are not on Mars involving a $20 bill and a Circle K gas station.


Trucking Answers | Trucking News | Automotive | A Reason we are not on Mars | #18

In another amazing episode of Trucking Answers we talk about the latest drone strike.  Also, an update on Mask Man that I saw last week.  I go into the trucker strike that is supposed to happen today but will fizzle out like they all do.  The Colorado chain law goes into effect tomorrow, are you ready?  The Smith System of safe driving is up as well because someone asked about it on the recent YouTube live show.  The Chevy Bolt recall gets expanded and Dodge halts production of the Ram because they can’t get any computer chips for it.  Also, Ford stops taking orders for the new Bronco full size.  Another reason we are not yet living on Mars wraps up the show for the day and the month.

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