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Trucking Answers | Trucking News | Automotive News | A Reason we are not on Mars | #33

In this side-splitting episode I discuss the ATA and Chris Spear making up numbers to justify his existence.  Papa Joe may call out the national guard, or will he?  I am back from Paternity leave and ready to go.  Many companies are putting out ads that they will not have a vax mandate so don’t worry if yours does.  United Road has a guarantee but I don’t like it and I say why.  Universal Intermodal fired people for unionizing and they got slapped for it as they should.  The Ford Maverick gets 42 mpg city and that is incredible. Ford makes a reliable hybrid so get one if you want.  Tesla Model X comes with a yoke steering wheel and push button turn signals.  Ugh.  Stop making simple things complicated.  In California we find another reason we are not on Mars.