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In a literary masterpiece I expound on the fact that people are quick to complain but slow to act as I give 2 examples of drivers who will complain but not do anything.  You get what you tolerate, remember that.  I will be at DOT Transportation Oct 4 for a live show on YouTube at 6pm Central time.  A truck full of starch turns into a fireball as it is hit by a train in Indianapolis. Very dramatic.  They said it had stalled when in fact the trailer legs were stuck at a hump crossing.  Driver fired, I assume.  The Lucid Air hits the roads with a 520 mile range, the longest I have seen for an electric car.  Range isn’t really the issue, charging time is what needs to improve.  Jaguar brings out the new XF and I am disappointed that it is missing what made it unique.  It is just a cookie cutter car now.  We go to Phoenix for a reason we are not on Mars.