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Trucking Answers | FMCSA Women of Trucking Panel of mostly non-drivers | A Reason we are not on Mars | #115

In this Emilia Earhart special I discuss the FMCSA Women of Trucking panel that consists mainly of women who don’t drive.  This panel will advise the FMCSA about how to get and keep women in trucking.  Brilliant.  Of course there is a member from the FMCSA, naturally.  I talk about the car I have had the longest.  How long do you keep a car?  The weather on Mars and a reason we do not live on Mars.

Launch your trucking career the right way!





Trucking Answers | Take Action or accomplish nothing | ST:TNG Tapestry | #88

In this mind changing episode I discuss the Star Trek Next Generation episode “Tapestry” and how it relates to trucking.  Doing nothing changes nothing.  You must take chances and stand out from the crowd.  If you follow the crowd do you know where they are going?  No where.  Life can’t just be about going to work to pay bills until you die.  Make a difference!


Trucking Answers | Trucking News | Automotive | A Reason we are not on Mars | #27

In a literary masterpiece I expound on the fact that people are quick to complain but slow to act as I give 2 examples of drivers who will complain but not do anything.  You get what you tolerate, remember that.  I will be at DOT Transportation Oct 4 for a live show on YouTube at 6pm Central time.  A truck full of starch turns into a fireball as it is hit by a train in Indianapolis. Very dramatic.  They said it had stalled when in fact the trailer legs were stuck at a hump crossing.  Driver fired, I assume.  The Lucid Air hits the roads with a 520 mile range, the longest I have seen for an electric car.  Range isn’t really the issue, charging time is what needs to improve.  Jaguar brings out the new XF and I am disappointed that it is missing what made it unique.  It is just a cookie cutter car now.  We go to Phoenix for a reason we are not on Mars.