Trucking Answers | Unabridged | A Reason we are not on Mars | #121

In this pumpkin spice flavored episode I discuss Werner and Kodiak and the pact they have to move freight without drivers.  They start their first lane soon and it will be working the exact way I said so I believe that they listen to the podcast.  I-80 in Illinois will be under construction near Minooka until 2027.  Are you ready for that?  The Natural Propane Gas Association wants to be able to work the drivers 17 hours a day and drive for 14 of those hours.  Who wants to work for 17 hours a day?  Tesla has a robot named Optimus that is going to probably take over the world as soon as it can.  Topeka, Kansas shows us why we don’t live on Mars and may never.  Also, a new driver facing cam gives gold stars for good driving.