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Millis, CFI and Heartland want an exemption for less experienced trainers | #151

Millis Transfer, Heartland Express and CFI want an exemption from the government for the entry level driver training program.  Currently trainers must have at least 2 years of experience in the industry and these 3 genius companies want that to be only 1 year.  The industry is not improved by having less experienced people training other people.  If anything the requirement should be increased to 5 years.  These companies should improve themselves and these problems will go away.  Everyone wants to recruit but no one wants to retain.  As usual I go off on a tangent about how drivers are treated at these training companies.



Trucking Answers | Trucking News | Automotive | A Reason we are not on Mars | #40

In this jolly good episode I discuss the DAC report and why it should be banned from use until it is fixed.  Companies are using the DAC as a weapon to blacklist people.   Chester Chicken has a giveaway!  Tiffany Cross from MSNBC says stupid things and I point that out.  She has no idea what she is talking about but who is surprised by that on MSNBC.  Chain laws are around again but do you need to carry them?  An automotive buying tip using an egg timer or kitchen timer.  Car dealers who thing is to control you and have you sign.  Turn it around on them.  Also, a reason we are not on Mars.  Tiffany Cross would be a reason but we have another.’