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Millis, CFI and Heartland want an exemption for less experienced trainers | #151

Millis Transfer, Heartland Express and CFI want an exemption from the government for the entry level driver training program.  Currently trainers must have at least 2 years of experience in the industry and these 3 genius companies want that to be only 1 year.  The industry is not improved by having less experienced people training other people.  If anything the requirement should be increased to 5 years.  These companies should improve themselves and these problems will go away.  Everyone wants to recruit but no one wants to retain.  As usual I go off on a tangent about how drivers are treated at these training companies.



Trucking Answers | Heartland buys Smith | Automotive News | 2 Reasons we are not on Mars | #84

In a Junetastic episode Heartland buys Smith Transport.  What will change?  I discuss the recent school shooting and what to do about it.  Also, a woman on a subway is attacked and bystanders do nothing.  Truck crashes into illegally parked semi.  Why?  A truck driver is shot by police and his mother sues.  Is she right?  The Toyota Corolla is now AWD available.  Also, not 1 but 2 reasons we are not on Mars including Squeege Guy!