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Military confidence is at an amazing low. I wonder why? | #167

It turns out the confidence in the military is at a low and no one can figure out why that might be.  Do you have any ideas?  It hasn’t been this low since 1997.  Who was President then?  The highest was in 2018.  I wonder who the President was at that time.  We talk about it.


Trucking Lawsuits | Tesla Semi by the numbers | Weird State Laws | #132

In a state of confusion episode I discuss the new Tesla semi and how much energy it needs to use.  Also, how much that costs.  Trucking lawsuit settlements are in the news.  If a company wants to have a 24/7 camera in the truck and totally micromanage us then yes, they should be 100% responsible for what happens on the road and pay through the nose for it.  I have a solution to the truck parking problem.  Some weird state laws are up today sent in by an astute listener.