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New hybrid pay system taking over trucking | #158

I am finding a new hybrid pay system in trucking.  This is where we as the driver get a guarantee for up to a certain number of miles and then get mileage past that amount.  What do you think?  I like hourly but this solves many of the same problems.  Drivers have an incentive to work more to get more pay and companies have an incentive to keep you moving.  Not bad and a big improvement over what trucking has been doing for over 30 years.



Trucking Answers | Mileage vs Hourly pay: Which is better? | #103

In a mile marker extravaganza I discuss mileage pay vs hourly pay.  I will tell you why being paid by the hour plus overtime is the only way to get fairly compensated if you are an employee.  Over the years truck drivers have been conditioned to accept mileage pay as a way of life but you don’t have to.  I dispel the myth that people paid by the hour are lazy.  It amazes me that when people ask to simply be paid for their time at work they are looked down upon.  As an employee you are taking my time and I expect to get paid for it.  I also talk about how to figure your hourly pay for your time.