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Trucking Answers | Trucking News | Automotive | A reason we are not on Mars | #9

Another thrilling action-packed non-stop episode is ready!  Today in Trucking Answers Mark and Gracie talk about the Olympic Simone Biles controversy, Mark is amazed to find out that President Joe Biden was a truck driver, there is an issue about factoring and a driver dumps 4000 gallons of gas in a stream on purpose.  Werner Enterprises is getting a full review of the $89M judgement and I agree.  New Jersey is going to start naming their service plazas after famous people from New Jersey, like WHITNEY HOUSTON. Hilarious.  New MPG standards are coming to the car industry and a vehicle near you and the new Bronco is already having problems.  No surprise there, Ford is terrible in a first year vehicle.  Also, another reason we are not on Mars.