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Yellow closure affects mental health of most drivers? HUH? | #164

In a small survey, over 70% of drivers said the closure of Yellow had a negative effect on their mental health.  We need to get tougher as a society for sure.  I didn’t give it a second thought.  I go through how to prepare for the closure of your own company and not to be scared.  Be prepared.


Know your worth AND let them close! | #148

Do you know your worth in the industry?  Don’t let a company try to discount your accomplishments or tell you to be a team player to help the company.  Look at Yellow.  700 million dollars all gone and they still want their employees to take more cuts.  By the time this airs we should know how that turned out but the message still applies.  Don’t take cuts for the company, just go somewhere else.  Life is too short to be discounted.

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The truth of Yellow Freight and why they closed | #147

Yellow freight closed!  They ceased operations in the last few days.  Yellow, of course, blames the Teamsters Union.  Is that they reason they closed?  Yellow got $700,000,000 dollars from taxpayers just 3 years ago.  Where is that $700 MILLION now?  Plus, let’s take a look at how much some of the executives make at Yellow.  They make millions while the stock has fallen 87% in the last 3 years.  Must be nice.  So, what is the real reason Yellow is currently out of business?  Plus, they could reopen.  It is possible.