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UFI closure | Iowa pays companies to train you | Don’t pay cash for your car | A Reason we are not on Mars | #132

The governor of Iowa (Republican) is going to pay companies to train you.  So why do these companies ALSO charge you?  Because they can and they stink.  Should you pay cash for your next car to save money?  NO.  Some trucking safety suggestions that are not great.  A reason we are not on Mars.


CRST and CR England settle BIG on non-compete contracts | Trucking News | A Reason we are not on Mars | #130

CRST and CR England trucking are settling a lawsuit for $2 MILLION total (Western Express already settled for $1.2 MILLION) over allegations that they basically black balled people out of trucking by not conspiring to not hire those on contract to other carriers.  By the way, it did not go to trial, no one was found guilty and no wrongdoing is admitted by anyone.  The plaintiffs allege that CRST and others conspired together to not hire drivers on contract to other carriers in violation of the law.  In MY OPINION no one should ever work for these places.  By continuing to work there you are helping them do this.  I can help you avoid these scum companies with the link below. Also, Fed Ex Freight is going to furlough drivers!  Wow, low freight demand right before Christmas.  We have some Rivian R1T news and a reason we are not on Mars.



Trucking Answers | CRST setback | Turo | A Reason we are not on Mars | #104

In a McDonaldland Playplace filled lunch break I talk about a McDonald’s manager who is mad that no one shows up.  Same problem in trucking.  Also, CRST suffers a setback in a case that has been going on for 5 years.  The Department of Justice has issued a letter saying that in their opinion what CRST is doing is per se illegal.  What CRST trucking does is basically black ball drivers out of the industry by not allowing them to work for other carriers.  I knew this wasn’t right now I feel vindicated.  I talk about the pitfalls of Turo, UBER, LYFT and any other way you can use your car for business purposes.  A Reason we are not on Mars from Nevada.