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Freightwaves vs ATA and the fake trucker shortage | #168

Freightwaves recently came out with an excellent article about the trucker shortage and the fact that there isn’t one.  The whole thing is made up and I agree.  Of course, the American Trucking Association had to pipe in with their take on the shortage.  The ATA is not right on this and I explain why using this and the fake teacher shortage that has been written about lately.  As long as companies can keep trucks moving and have a 100% turnover there is no shortage.


Are owner-operators going bankrupt? | #136

I review a recent article in which it is explained that some drivers that bought trucks during the pandemic are now turning those trucks back in to the bank and going broke.  Is this the case?  If it is, how can there be a driver shortage?  You can’t wait a week for a load and have a driver shortage at the same time.